Wednesday, 5 May 2010

hi all

we have finally come to the end of our project culminating in our presentation to staff pupils and parents as part of the school's arts week. having just re-read tom's post below I can happily state the we exceeded out expectations by being able to include performances of 'jackaroos' involving all of the participants and 'john's diet' featuring John Roper and Connor Wilson. Sadly we didn't video the performance! however as part of the show we did, as planned, produce a brief profile of each of the pupils work during the project. This ensured that, if there were any glitches on the day, the audience would be left with a good impression of the pupils progress throughout the project. I have to admit that in some cases these were completed late at night by me and I am currently no whizz at video editing. I have improved slightly in recent days, so next time..

anyway here are the slightly ramshackle profiles and I will put up the video of the trip
to DW stadium back in November shortly when the sound track is sorted.

The sound is slightly random in places (apols) but you get the picture as to what we got up to with each pupil.

On the day, they all did brilliantly and it went smoothly through the program:

Hello everyone and then each pupil individually - great singing from both connors
jackaroos - martin on vox, sean and robbie on keys, John Roper and Connor wilson on switches , sophie on flute via midicreator sensor, connor young on sound beam
space launch - featuring connor W on countdown switch, sophie on launcher (soundbeam). JR on rumble drums, sean and robbie on spacey sounds (keys)
space oddity - martin on lead vox with an amazing bowie impression, sean on keys, connor young on space dust (SB) sophie on flute and bass (MC sensors)
Talk and videos - featuring me talking too much
John's Diet - Fish and chips, sausage and chips, 12345 bananas, I like spaghetti I don't like cabbage.
Frerer Jaques - featuring robbie on keys and vox!
..............until we got to the grand finale womanizer which was to be with both martin and sean and vocals accompanied by the video.. unfortunately owing to a technical fault - a dodgy lead- the mic didn't work which was disasterous... lesson learn't.

anyway, have a look and MAKE A COMMENT!


merlyn (drake northwest)